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Why use
What does the site cost for job seekers?
How do I sign up?
How do I apply to a job?
How do I search for jobs?
How do I post my resume?
Can I post my information anonymously?
How do I cancel my resume?
How do I edit my resume?
How do I organize my job search?
Who do I call if I have questions?

*Importance of Creating Resume for GRADUATES-STUDENT-PROFESSIONAL*

STUDENTS: Hundreds of Hospital, Rehab etc employers are always looking for STUDENTS for assistant or intern-ship jobs. Get paid while in school

GRADUATES: Employers are always looking for new Graduate to fill out CFY jobs.

PROFESSIONAL: Employers are looking for 3-10 yrs experienced jobseekers to fill out Management Level Jobs.


Remember, cares about your privacy. Create your resume and hide your personal information so employer can only contact via your online control panel. SO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT TO GAIN A LOT BY CREATING RESUME @

Why use has several features that set us apart from other job boards.

We are strictly dedicated to speech pathology, audiology and other speaking hearing jobs focuses only on the speech pathology, audiology and other speaking hearing jobs field. You will not waste time by sorting through irrelevant jobs.

  • You control your account
  • You are in complete control of your account. At any time you may edit,
    update or completely change your information and resumes.
  • We match your needs with appropriate employers.

The system pulls your needs and experience and matches them
with employers who are looking for the same things.

What does the site cost for job seekers?

We are always free for job seekers. Why should you have to pay?? You will never be contacted by and asked for payment for anything. On the contrary we occasionally give you free stuff!

How do I sign up?

From our home page choose either the tab bar at the top labeled “Job Seekers” button at the bottom of the page. If this is your first time using choose the “Registration” button from the Job Seeker login page. Here you will be able to choose your username and password and fill out your profile form. You will them be able to login to access your area.

How do I apply to a job?

At the end of the every job description pageyou will see a box that says “Apply Now”. Simply click on this box to send information and your resume (if you desire) to the employer. You do not need to be signed up to apply to a job.

How do I search for jobs?

You will see "job search" boxes on almost all of our pages or click on SEARCH on left hand menu. Job searching is easy, simply fill out the boxes in the search area to narrow your search, or press the search button without entering any information to see all of the jobs available. You do not have to sign up to search for jobs. If you would like to attach a resume or organize your job search, sign up with us and these features will be available to you and more, at no cost to you!

How do I post my resume?

Once you have signed in, you are able to store as many resumes as you wish. From your job seeker area click the “Post a resume” button. You can post a resume in Microsoft Word, Abode Acrobat or Plain Text format. You do not need to have a resume to be found by employers. Please note, only one resume may be active at a time.

If you want to be anonymous post a resume that does not have your contact information. Employers will still be able to email you but will never see your personal/identifying information.

Can I post my information anonymously?

Yes, you have the option to post your personal and profession information confidentionally or not. The employers will only see your profile information, i.e. your job placement desires such as if you are willing to relocate, if you have management experience etc. When an employer chooses to contact you they will be able to send you an email and then you decide if you would like to pursue the offer or not.

How do I cancel my resume?

If you have found a position or simply want to take your resume off of the site you can choose the “delete résumé” button from your job seeker area. If you would like to make your resume inactive but still keep it stored for future use change your account from “Active” to Inactive".

How do I Modify my resume?

You can edit your resume and information at any time. After you login choose “Modify My Resume” next to your resume and update the information. To edit your account information choose “edit my account”

How do I organize my job search?

To organize your job search you will need to sign up by choosing a username and password and filling out our profile form. From your job seeker area you will find a host of unique and powerful tools designed to help you find exactly the position you're looking for. They include:

  • Posting Your Resume
  • Posting an "Anonymous" Resume
  • Keep track of the whole job search process.
  • Keep track of jobs you have applied to.

Who do I if I have questions?

Feel free to call our customer service line at any time. Click Here and fill out the contact form




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