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Intro - Audiologist

Audiologists assess the extent of hearing loss, balance and related disorders and recommend appropriate treatment. Services are provided to people who are deaf or hard of hearing and persons at risk of hearing loss due to noise exposure, genetic causes, and exposure to certain drugs, or middle ear infections.

Audiologist also work with adults and children who need aural rehabilitation, such as auditory training and speech reading, and educate consumers and professionals on the prevention of hearing loss.


  • diagnose hearing difficulties
  • select and fit hearing aids
  • design and implement of (re)habilitation strategies for clients with hearing impairments
  • consult regarding noise expo- sure and hearing conservation

What Audiologist study...

University courses include acoustics, anatomy, assessment, counseling, hearing disorders, hearing aids, language development and disorders, linguistics, neurology and neurophysiology, nonvocal communication, parent training, psychology. The courses and clinical practica cover the development, disorders, and the training or retraining of human communication in all its aspects.

Where Audiologist work...

Audiologist work in private practice, child development centres, preschools, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, government agencies, health units, industry, colleges, universities, and research centres throughout the world. We are often part of teams which include physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and counselors.

Why would like been Audiologist ...

Audiologist professions provide essential services to individuals of all ages and backgrounds in developing the most vital of human skills: communication. Audiologist careers are well-respected, offering many challenges and rewards. Audiologist professions offer variety or specialization opportunities, challenges and relevance to daily living. Audiologist can work just about anywhere in World, from rural communities to bustling urban centres.

Why Audiologist are needed...

One out of ten in World lives with a hearing disorder. Early diagnosis and treatment increases the chance for regaining or developing successful communication. Audiologist help people make their lives richer, more productive and enjoyable through improved communication skills.Audiologist CAN make a difference.


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