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NOTE: The below requirements differ according to each STATE and country. Also you might need certification or license in order to get a job. Contact your school/university or employer.

If you are a Speech Pathologist and looking for a job in USA you are at the right place. Following are the qualification, requirements, experience and examinations required to work in USA.
Speech Pathologist for USA
a) Academic: Masters of degree in Speech Language Pathologist or higher degree.
b) English: Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists should have any one of the English qualifying examination
Option #1: TOEFL: 540 (or 207 computerized) TWE: 4.0 TSE: 50 (INTERNATIONAL SLP and Audiologist)
Option #2: TOEIC: 725 TWE: 4.0 TSE: 50
Option #3: MELAB (Overall): 79 MELAB (Oral Component): 3+
c) License: You must pass the Specialty Area test of the Praxis Series administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in your licensure area. The passing score is 600.
d) Get your certification and License - In additonal to above basic requirement you might required to get CCC ( Certificates of Clinical Competence ) and also a state license to practice.


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